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Fan made videos for the television show "Prison Break"

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This community is for fans that like to watch, make, and talk about vids for the television show "Prison Break".

Posting Information:
To make it easier on our archivists and those looking for vids please put;
Subject line: Title or Song, character or pairing.
Also include tags with vidder's name, band, song, character, pairings, and genre

*If you don't tag your vid post, I will when I add it to the memories unless you specify that you do not want it tagged.

Vid Title/Song:
Website, link or other download information:
Song if different from title:
Character, pairing or ensemble information:
Genre: romance, drama, comedy, slash, experimental, character study, etc
Ratings and warnings:

1. Use of any clips from a fan vid that is not your own without the original vidder's permission will not be tolerated. If you post a vid with stolen clips you will be banned from the group and your vids will be deleted from the archive. This rule is non negotiable and strictly enforced. If you find what you believe to be clip theft please email one of the mods. Unsure of what's meant by " clip theft"? Read this.

2. Please mark all vids using spoilers. Spoilers are anything that has not been broadcast including the previews.

3. Stay on topic. This community is for vids and vidding talk about Prison Break only. If you have icons, fic, or graphics see one of the many other Prison Break communities. For general vidding talk see vidding

4. Feedback is a good thing. Constructive critism and comments are encouraged but...

5. Please don't flame the vidders. This is their art made for their enjoyment and yours. If you see a problem email the mod.

Just a reminder:"Your vid sucks", is not constructive and is not welcome in this community.

6. If you link to your vid in a "Friends Only" journal, please be kind and unlock that post. If you don't the vid information will be deleted from pb_vids

7.. Disclaimer-Vids posted here are not intended to infringe on any television or music copy-writes. They are made for fun by the fans for the fans.

* Vids may take a few days to be archived into memories. Please be patient.

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